Please check the list below to confirm your sprinklers will be winterized for the 2018 season.  If you would like to be added to the winteization list email your request to


Akerblom NW Galveston Ave Bend
Alexander-Jones NW Torrey Pines Dr Bend
Allen Robinwood Pl Bend
Andrews Red Sky Ln Bend
Arscott NW Crossing Dr Bend
Bailey NW Bungalow Dr Bend
Baitis Hosmer Lake Dr Bend
Ballance Dartmouth Bend
Batdorf Wildwood Falls Ct Eagle Crest
Bean NE Hillcrest Madras
Beetham Hope Vista Brasada Ranch
Bender Highland View Loop Redmond
Bickler Tam MacArthur Bend
Bierly Dayton Rd Bend
Bisho Prairie Pl Bend
Black NW Panorama Dr Bend
Blatner Mecate Ln Brasada Ranch
Bloo NW Poplar Redmond
Bloo Nutcracker Redmond
Boss Pee Wee Ct Bend
Brand Powers Rd Bend
Bristow Shannon Ct Bend
Britton Fairway Ridge Bend
Brock NW Underhill Bend
Brubaker NW Windwood Way Bend
Buettner Lemhi Pass Bend
Campbell Mt Thielsen Dr Bend
Carnahan NW Remarkable Dr Bend
Carpenter Fresca St Bend
Carroll Tall Pine, Canoe Ct, Larkview Bend
Cassard 1st St Bend
Chamberlain NW Discovery Park Dr Bend
Chenoweth Forest Ridge Bend
Christiansen NW Fairway Heights Bend
Christoffersen Byram Rd Bend
Churchill NW Riverside Bend
Collins Fair Mile Sisters
Cox Caddisfly Bend
Crawford Dryer Ct Bend
Crosby NW Harmon Blvd Bend
D'Agostino NW Underhill Pl Bend
Dienel Lolo Bend
Dishman Shevlin Ridge Bend
Dolmseth Green Lakes Loop Bend
Dynice Snowberry Place Bend
Earwicker Angler Ave Bend
Edgerton Crane Dr Bend
Edwards Huckleberry Place Bend
Edwards Outlook Vista Dr Bend
Eisler McCook Bend
Elliott Shannon Ct Bend
Engels Conrad Bend
Engleman Blanca Bend
Ertle Park Commons Bend
Everett Sierra Ave, Watercress Bend
Fowler Horizon Dr Bend
Galewski Revere Ave Bend
Garcia Perlette Ln Bend
Garey Harper Bend
Gunby Caddisfly Bend
Haas NW Gill Court Bend
Hall/Ashley Wild Rye Bend
Harbin Stonepine Dr Bend
Harris Cumberland Bend
Harrison NE Hillcrest Madras
Hartwell Frazer Ln Bend
Hatch Hartford Bend
Havlorson Brookside Way Bend
Hegarty Champanelle Bend
Henderson Newhall Bend
Henry Farewell Dr Bend
Hermens Research Rd Bend
Hill Conrad Bend
Hinz Fairway Heights Bend
Hoch Hickory, NorthWest Crossing Dr Sunriver/Bend
Hoogerhuis Viewpoint Redmond
Hopper Orion Dr Bend
Hughes Sagecreek Bend
Jacobsen Mt Breeze Bend
Johns NW Dorion Way Bend
Johnson Shevlin Meadow Dr Bend
Jones Mt Breeze Bend
Kahlie Saginaw Bend
Kaldenbach Winslow Dr Bend
Karben Green Lakes Loop Bend
Kathman Deschutes Rd Bend
Keck Seaton Loop Bend
Kemph Underhill Bend
Kennedy Wren Ln Sisters
Kerkoch Stonepine Dr Bend
Kid Works NE Butler Market Rd Bend
Kieffer Floyd Ln Bend
Kimsey Caddisfly Bend
Knoell Glen Vista Bend
Korpi Celilo Lane Bend
Kotyluck Shevlin Meadow Dr Bend
Lane Sholes Rd Bend
Lebeda Imperial Ave Tumalo
Les Schwab S Hwy 97 Bend
Linder Bryanwood Bend
Lucia Fircrest Knoll Bend
Machala NW 1st St Bend
MacMillan Golden Meadow Loop Bend
Mattison Celilo Bend
Mazour SW Ranchview Rd Brasada Ranch
Mazzone Quiet Canyon Dr Bend
McCal E Viewpoint Culver
McIntyre Golden Market Ct Bend
McNaughton Manhae Loop Bend
Mead Perlette Ln Bend
Mercurio Wild Rye Dr Bend
Middleton NW Promitory Bend
Miller Fair Mile Sisters
Miro Ithaca Bend
Mosetick Fairway Heights Bend
Mott Morningwood Ct Bend
Murphy Xero Redmond
Naderi Cultus Lake Ct Bend
Neilson NE Bean Dr Madras
Nicholas NW Sonora Dr Bend
Northern Energy Propane NE Jackpine Ct Redmond
O'Brien NW McCready Bend
O'Neal Ranchview Ct Brasada Ranch
Ochander NW Horizon Bend
Palmer Buckshot Pl Bend
Parr NW Colonial Bend
Pentowski Lake Dr Sisters
Peterson Wildwood Dr Bend
Pfister Perlette Ln Bend
Plattner Perlette Bend
Prudhomme Montery Pines Dr Bend
Rahmsdorff Eastmont Dr Bend
Ralston Deschutes Rd Bend
Rather Bemis Ln Bend
Ravera Milo Bend
Rehwinkle Hoffman Madras
Rehwinkle Rimrock Madras
Richmond Ellenhurst Bend
Ring Tweed Rd Bend
Rogers NW Starview Bend
Rogers Jr Starling Dr Bend
Rote 82nd Young Ave Redmond
Roth Celilo Ln Bend
Rushforth Mt Washington Dr Bend
Ryan and Moore Dumbar Ct Bend
Sackin Shevlin Meadow Dr Bend
Salvesen Discovery Park Bend
Sanchez Celilo Bend
Schossow NE Richmond Ct Bend
Seals NW Stonepine Bend
Seeley Mt Washington Dr Bend
Serbus Lynda Ln Bend
Sheppard NW Kelly Hill Ct, Polarstar Ave Bend
Shinkle Woodside Loop Bend
Shultz NW Windwood Way Bend
Simones NW Celilo Ln Bend
Sitter Perspective Bend
Skovran Red Sky Ln Bend
Sloop Torsway St Bend
Smith N East 33rd Redmond
Smith Overton Bend
Smith Caldera Springs #320 Sunriver
Snyder Ranchview Brasada Ranch
Spurlock Chiloquin Bend
Stamler Big Sage Way Bend
Steele Chiloquin Dr, Greeley Ave Bend
Stelk Wild Horse Ct Brasada Ranch
Stewart Sedonia Ln Bend
Stilson Pee Wee Ct Bend
Strauch Minaret Bend
Stutler Nugget Ave Bend
Sundborg Collier Ct Bend
Sundborg NW Starview Bend
Thomas NE Lynda Lane Bend
Thomason NW Bordeaux Ln Bend
Thompson Chardonnay Bend
Tilden Wild Rye Circle Bend
Trachtenburg Chardonnay Bend
Tuma Alpine Ridge Pl Bend
Urbach East "D" Street Culver
Valenti Dorian Bend
Van Drake Bend
Walker Personal Res., Madras Marine Madras
Waskom NW High Lakes Loop Bend
Weeks Building NE Courtney Bend
Weisgerber Remarkable Bend
Welch Via Sandia Bend
Welle Lago Vista Dr Powell Butte
Widmer SW 53rd Ct Redmond
Widmer Red Oak Dr Bend
Wilcox Jennings Bend
Wilcox Sky Harbor Dr Bend
Wilson NW Awbrey Rd Bend
Wirtz Fresca Street Bend
Wise Penhollow Ln Bend
Zettle NW Fort Mandan Way Bend