Please check the list below to confirm your sprinklers will be winterized.  If you would like to be added to the winteization list email your request to


Albertini Chaparral Dr Brasada Ranch
Archer Pickett Ct Bend
Atkinson SW Chaparral Dr Brasada Ranch
Baitis Hosmer Lake Dr Bend
Bean NE Hillcrest Madras
Berrevoets Thornhill Ln Bend
Bidwell Angler Ave Bend
Black NW Panorama Dr Bend
Bloo Nutcracker Redmond
Boling Fairway Heights Dr Bend
Borders NW Tharp Bend
Brand Powers Rd Bend
Bristow Shannon Ct Bend
Brock NW Underhill Bend
Brown Riverside Bend
Brubaker Windwood Way Bend
Campbell Broken Top Dr Bend
Carnahan NW Remarkable Dr Bend
Cassard 1st St Bend
Chenoweth Forest Ridge Bend
Cianni Chapparal Brasada Ranch
Clarke Marsh Orchid Dr, Sacagawea Ln Bend
Cruz Piine Vista Dr Bend
D'Agostino NW Underhill Pl Bend
Davis Wildwood Bend
De Roux Chaparral Dr Brasada Ranch
DeLaski Rocksprings Ct Bend
Earwicker Angler Ave Bend
Edwards Huckleberry Place Bend
Edwards/Reed Chamomile Pl Bend
Eisler McCook Bend
Elliott Shannon Ct Bend
Garner Ordway Bend
Griffin/Carlson Windsor Dr Bend
Gunby Caddisfly Bend
Haas NW Gill Court Bend
Hall/Ashley Wild Rye Bend
Hansen NW 7th St Bend
Harrison NE Hillcrest Madras
Hartwell Skyliner Summier Loop Bend
Henry Farewell Dr Bend
Hermens Research Rd Bend
Hill Conrad Bend
Hineline Chiloquin Dr Bend
Howard Arroyo Ct Brasada Ranch
Hughes Sagecreek Bend
Jacobsen Mt Breeze Bend
Kahlie Saginaw Bend
Karben Green Lakes Loop Bend
Kelleher Eastes Property, Corona Bend
Keller Quincy Ave Bend
Kercher Yale, Stud Ct Bend
Klein John Ct Bend
Korpi Celilo Lane Bend
Kulpins Wild Rye Bend
Lebeda Imperial Dr Bend
Leste Covey Ln Bend
Machala NW 1st St Bend
Marlino Redfield Cir Bend
Mattison Celilo Bend
Mazzone Quiet Canyon Dr Bend
Mead Perlette Ln Bend
Merritt Hardin Martin Ct Bend
Mortenson Tall Pine Bend
Naranche Freedom Pl Bend
Neilson NE Bean Dr Madras
Nicholas NW Sonora Dr Bend
Palmer Buckshot Pl Bend
Parent Mecate Brasada Ranch
Pentowski Lake Dr Sisters
Phipps Horizon Dr Bend
Prudhomme Montery Pines Dr Bend
Rahmsdorff Eastmont Dr Bend
Ravera Milo Bend
Rehwinkle Rimrock Madras
Ring Tweed Rd Bend
Rogers NW Starview Bend
Rummell Collier Ct Bend
Rushforth Mt Washington Dr Bend
Savage Stonepine Dr Bend
Saxon Horizon Bend
Schlam Londonderry Bend
Schossow NE Richmond Ct Bend
Schuman Alderwood Cir Bend
Seals NW Stonepine Bend
Seeley Mt Washington Dr Bend
Seneca Vaqueros Way Brasada Ranch
Seymour Wooden Trestle Ct Powell Butte
Sheppard NW Kelly Hill Ct, Polarstar Ave Bend
Shinkle Woodside Loop Bend
Sitter Perspective Bend
Skovran Red Sky Ln Bend
Sloop Torsway St Bend
Souter Shields Bend
Steele Chiloquin Dr, Greeley Ave Bend
Stewart Sedonia Ln Bend
Strauch Minaret Bend
Sundborg NW Starview Bend
Szigeti Lemhi Pass Dr Bend
Tennis Thurston/ Oak ave/ Deschutes Pl/ Shevlin Ridge Bend
Tennis Eagle Rd Bend
Tennison Olympic Ct Bend
Thoma Bilyeu Ct Bend
Thomason NW Bordeaux Ln Bend
Tragni Kayak Loop Bend
Treu Shevlin Meadow Bend
Urbach East "D" Street Culver
Walker Personal Res. Madras
Wantland Duncan Bend
Weisgerber Remarkable Bend
Wellisch NW 5th St Bend
Widmer Red Oak Dr Bend
Wilcox Jennings Bend
Wilcox Mill Iron Circle Powell Butte
Wirtz Fresca Street Bend
Woods NW Clearwater Dr Bend
Zettle NW Fort Mandan Way Bend
Zirkle Tristen Way Bend